Manufacturing of Spares

We are the alternative to the Original Equipment Manufacturer for manufacturing and supply of various essential spares required for the rotating equipment.

The various spares offered are listed below:

Steam Turbines
  • Guide Blades, Moving Blades, Diaphragms/Guide Blade carriers, Casing parting plane fasteners.
  • Journal bearings of Cylindrical, Two Lobe, Four Lobe, Tilting pads, Sleeve bearings and Thrust bearings.
  • Governing System-Spindles, Valve Cones, Bolts, Complete Yoke Assembly, Servomotor & Pilot valve assemblies.
  • Steam Glands and Oil Gland assemblies.
  • Pinion & Gear wheel shafts for Gear boxes.
  • Pump Cartridges, Impellers & Shafts etc.

We manufacture the components from customer supplied samples.When the components can not be spared, our Technical team will visit site during overhauls and obtain all necessary information by reverse engineering.