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Turbo engineering services is in the forefront of rotating equipment technology through innovation, support and continual embrace of the latest technologies to develop state of art and tailored solutions for customers.
TES is targeting to extend their services globally on a large scale in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan & Middle East countries like Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi etc. We are also gearing up to provide O & M services for power plants and process industries.
We aim to extend our services to higher rating TG sets upto 660MW and our clientele to 400 Nos. by end of 2022.
To meet this target we are enhancing our facilities. We will build another factory with all the required latest facilities by 2022.
Our mission is to be able to provide customers with complete and tailored solutions that are customised to their specific needs and requirements. Emphasis is given in providing specialist knowledge and expert service that TES has.
We shall be a vibrant organisation where Transparency, Trust, Teamwork, Responsibility and Innovation are valued and promoted.